Welcome to ZFS Creston, LLC

ZFS Creston is a soy processing facility in Creston, Iowa, that processes whole soybeans, both GMO and non-GMO, into soy flour, flakes and grits, as well as soybean meal, oil and hulls.

Soy flour, flakes and grits are often used as high-protein ingredients or extenders in many food applications. Soy flour products can also be used in the production of animal feed and pet food, and they have many industrial uses, such as adhesives, biopesticides and pharmaceuticals.

Soybean meal and hulls are used primarily as feed ingredients in livestock rations. Soybean meal provides a high-protein source, and hulls add fiber to the diet. Crude oil produced at ZFS Creston is used in the production of biodiesel or other industrial applications, or is further refined for human consumption.

ZFS Creston is an affiliate of Zeeland Farm Services, Inc. in Zeeland, MI. Zeeland Farm Services has more than 70 years experience serving the agricultural industry, with traditional elevator services, commodity merchandising, seed supplies and grain processing. ZFS also has affiliates in the transportation, grain processing and convenience store and fuel station industries, with locations in Michigan, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Pennsylvania and Iowa.