ZFS Creston is a soybean processing facility in Creston, Iowa that processes soybeans into soy flour, soy flakes and soy grits, as well as soybean meal, hulls and oil, via an industry standard extraction processing line.

Since ZFS Creston purchased the facility in 2018, it has invested significant time and resources to make process flow enhancements and equipment upgrades to increase the plant’s capacity and efficiency.

The facility includes a modern flour mill, constructed in 2015, with packaging lines and warehouse capabilities. The mill allows for the production of soy flour, flakes and grits, which can be packaged in many sizes, from bulk containers to 50-pound bags, adding even greater value to the processed soybeans.

ZFS Creston flat storage
ZFS Creston oil storage tanks

Soy white flakes and flour can be used by food manufacturers to increase the protein and moisture content of their final products without affecting taste, attributes not shared by wheat flour and other ingredients.

The facility is FoodChain ID and Non-GMO Project certified for non-GMO, and has built a seasoned non-GMO soybean grower base. ZFS Creston is well positioned  to produce both non-GMO white flakes and soy flour.

ZFS Creston is served directly by a Class I railroad, and the company also owns a grain elevator near the processing plant. The elevator, currently being used for the non-GMO soybean program, includes several concrete silos, two receiving pits, a scale house and warehouse space.

In the mill, there are currently three flour mills, and the infrastructure of the mill was designed to be able to add a fourth mill, which would increase production capacity by 33 percent.

Plant history

1998 – Plant was built by Creston Bean Processing, LLC

2002 – Facility was purchased by DeBruce Grain, Inc., which later became a subsidiary of Gavilon Grain

2011 – Plant was purchased by CHS

2015 – CHS constructed a state-of-the-art flour mill attached to the soy processing plant to further process the soy into flour, white flakes and grits

2018 – ZFS Creston, LLC purchased the plant and has embarked on a plan to upgrade and improve the processing facility