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Soy flakes are flat, irregularly shaped flakes derived from soybeans after the oil has been removed. Often called white flakes, soy flakes are used for further processing into soy isolates, soy concentrates and textured soy products for use in the food industry and pet food industry.

Soy grits can be used in fermentation and also in combination with other foods to add protein and texture to food items such as breads, cookies and cereals. Soy grits can also be used as a meat substitute or filler, depending upon the size range. Grits are a high protein ingredient in pet food, aquaculture and livestock feed formulations.

Soy Flakes and Grits Benefits:

  • Excellent source of plant based protein and calcium
  • Increases fiber intake
  • Can reduce per unit ingredient costs
  • Can increase shelf life of products
  • Gluten free

Our sales team

We have a dedicated sales team with many years of industry experience ready to assist you with any questions regarding our soy products. Feel free to contact us at any time.

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Anita Florido

Soy Ingredient Sales Manager


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Adrian Frazier

Soy Ingredient Sales Team


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Pam Schubbe

Soy Ingredient Sales Team