Soy Products

ZFS Creston produces high-quality soy flour, soy grits and soy flakes for use in both food and feed applications. Our products are made to exact specifications at our recently-renovated plant in Creston, Iowa, and all of the soy products from ZFS Creston are available in both GMO and non-GMO varieties.

We are a key supplier of both non-GMO and GMO high-quality defatted soy flour, soy flakes and soy grits ingredients used in a wide assortment of applications related to human food, pet food, animal feed and industrial products. We have a reliable, trustworthy and dedicated sales team at ZFS Creston, with many years of expertise in the soy flour industry.

Our sales team has decades of experience handling these products and will be happy to help you to find the right soy product for your applications.

ZFS Creston Soy Flour
ZFS Creston Soy Flakes

Our sales team

We have a dedicated sales team with many years of industry experience ready to assist you with any questions regarding our soy products. Feel free to contact us at any time.

Anita Florido - Creston soy ingredient sales_1

Anita Florido

Soy Ingredient Sales Manager


Adrian Frazier - Creston soy ingredient sales_1

Adrian Frazier

Soy Ingredient Sales Team


Pam Schubbe - Creston soy ingredient sales_2

Pam Schubbe

Soy Ingredient Sales Team